5 Amusing Benefits of Personalised Coasters

It is no question that Australia has long been one of the highest consumers of beer in the world. With over 96 million litres of alcoholic beverages consumed every year, Aussies surely take their beer-drinking culture very seriously. And nothing amplifies the celebration of such cherished tradition more than personalised coasters.

That’s right! Drink coasters are not just simply for preventing white stains to form on your furniture, especially for the wooden ones. In fact, having custom-made ones can enhance your drinking experience and make your sports or movie-watching a notch better.

So, what other benefits do customised coasters have? Well, here are some you will find quite amusing.

1.  You can hand them out as gifts to friends

Do you love sending out gifts to your friends and relatives but have run out of great ideas? If you do, one thing that you should try giving out are personalised coasters. Your beer-loving friends will definitely love the idea of seeing their faces or perhaps even funny remarks from you immortalised on their drink coasters.

2.  You can choose designs suited for every occasion

Have customised drink coasters made for every occasion. Whether it’s a wedding or a birthday party, celebrations like these deserve a personalised memento. On the other hand, national holidays like Anzac Day, and Boxing Day are surely worth celebrating with exclusive Australian personalised coasters. These will make you feel more patriotic and proud of being a true blooded Aussie.

3.  You can order in shapes and sizes of your choice

You certainly have beer glasses of varying sizes stored up in your kitchen cabinets. So it is necessary that you have coasters made into different shapes and sizes. Pints, middy, and schooners – you name it all, one size will not fit into a single type of coasters. That is why the personalised coasters in Australia are made to suit your every need. So that whenever you decide which glass of beer to chug on, you would not be leaving stains on your living room furniture.

4.  You can use these for business and brand promotion

If you are a person who is into commerce and marketing, you might want to try your hands on something quite innovative. Why not give out personalised coasters with your brand logo to customers. Since these items are used more often, your clients will definitely stay reminded of your products regardless of what these are. Most importantly, you get to show your customers that you appreciate their patronage to your products and services.

5.  You can simply make these into personal mementos

Put your photo or your partner’s photo if you like and make your coasters more personal and sentimental. Add in messages and pictures to immortalise special events with your loved ones and make these worth revisiting from years to come.

You are definitely seeing coasters at a different light right now. So, whether you are thinking about new gift ideas or simply wanting to have one for a particular event or holiday, these highly useful articles are unquestionably worth trying and convenient. And if you want to find Australian personalised coasters, you may check out suppliers, like Coaster Kings, for highly creative and inventive designs that you will surely love to have at home. Find out more at https://coasterkings.com.au/