Why are Traffic Lights and Signals Important?

Have you ever wondered why there are traffic lights and traffic signals? Apart from regulating traffic, traffic lights and signals are known to improve air quality and safety, inform directions and distances, and help bicyclists and pedestrians get their fair share of the road. In other words, traffic lights and signals are indispensable components in the traffic system of one country. For this matter, if you are a business owner or operator located in a busy street, make sure there are enough traffic lights and signals within your location to ensure yourself and your workers safety. If you are looking to buy traffic lights in Perth, Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne, visits BNR.

Control Traffic Flow

As more and more people are buying cars nowadays, it is nearly impossible to avoid being caught up in congestion, especially during rush hours. With good traffic light adjustment system, traffic flow can be regulated – allowing for a smooth and fast movement at intersections.

Placed at vantage points on the sides of the roads and overhead along the high streets, these signals help drivers, bikers and pedestrians to avoid risks and dangers – as well as guide them to safe driving and street-crossing by following the rules.

Inform Directions and Distances

Traffic lights and signals are placed at the right places to inform and alert road users of the directions and distances. For instance, signals in remote areas are meant to warn and guide motorists in places where there are corners, zig-zag roads, slopes, and animals. They also inform names of cities, towns, regions, places, and aid stations.

Since there are many types of signals compared to only the three lights of the traffic light, it is important that you learn and understand each one of them, particularly when there is no traffic aid or policeman who can guide you on the spot.

Improve Air Quality and Safety

Did you know that traffic lights can lessen vehicle emissions? When a vehicle travels at a steady pace, car emissions are significantly reduced. On the other hand, intermittent braking, stopping, and accelerating a vehicle can cause more air pollution. For better air quality, it is important for a country’s traffic system to buy traffic lights at a reliable store and install these lights at the right junctions and roads.

While traffic lights and signals do not guarantee 100% optimum safety, several studies have shown that when they are placed and installed on an uncontrolled junction there is a 50% decrease in road injuries and accidents.

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